Owner’s Authorization for
Septic System Inspection

Owner hearby authorizes Integra Home Inspections, LLC to inspect and report on the on-lot wastewater treatment system at the referenced property. This work will be performed according to the current inspection Standards of the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association. More information about these procedures is available here.

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    Inspection Property Address:

    Please complete the following relative to the above inspection:
    How long have you owned this property?

    Property Details:

    Has the dwelling been occupied and in normal use for the 14 days prior to the scheduled inspection date?

    How is the property being used?

    Have any repairs been made to the system?

    Has soil fracturing ever been performed on the system?

    Is any water discharged from the dwelling other than into the treatment system?

    Are you aware of any previous inspections on this system?

    Upload any previous reports and/or system documentation:

    Pumping History:

    Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement of Sale, the owner is responsible for the cost to locate, provide access to the tank(s) and absorption area prior to the inspection date AND to have the tank(s) emptied on the specific day & time indicated in the email with the link to this form. ALL tank lids must be exposed and accessible for the day of inspection. Be aware that your system may have up to three lids, especially if you have a sand mound. If you do not know the location of the absorption area, your local sewage enforcement officer may have the permit drawing on file if your system was installed no earlier than 1978.

    DO NOT PUMP the tank(s) before the inspection!

    You may use your regular septic pumper to make arrangements. Be sure to inform the contractor that Integra is performing a PSMA septic system inspection. If the system is not located prior to the above date, the owner herby agrees to reimburse Integra $150 for the cost of a return trip if we are unable to locate the system on our own.” If you need a septic pumper referral for locating or pumping, we have recommend either Allstate Septic Systems at 1-800-858-3131 or Christman’s Septic Service at 610-285-2563.

    Who are you hiring for locating and pumping?



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